Herbal Barge


The Herbal Barge Apothecary exists so that people can drop in access herbal medicines without needing to book a one to one consultation.It is a retail outlet of various over the counter-herbal preparations, and raw ingredients; somewhere to pick up repeat prescriptions, to chat and seek advice. Free 15 minute consultations are often available and the drop in apothecary may be your first port of call if you are wondering if herbal medicine has something to offer you.

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The Herbal Barge Clinic offers one to one consultations to seek solutions , strategies, and herbal medicine treatments for a diverse spectrum of health conditions.


The Herbal Barge aims to be a hub of reliable information and learning opportunity in relation to herbal medicine

Our website includes original articles and teaching videos, while selecting and curating resources from the wider internet.

The Herbal Barge Company

The Herbal Barge is a very special floating Herbal Medicine Clinic, Apothecary and Teaching space. It is run by experienced herbalist Melissa Ronaldson and offers one to one consultations; over the counter and online products; regular courses, workshops and plant walks;and occasional special events.

The Herbal Barge may be found in various locations on London's waterways, but home-base is Tottenham and the River Lea.

The Herbal Barge Company's mission is to create a space that reflects its unique tow path setting somewhere that connects old and new, science and tradition, urban and rural. A place routed in the local community and yet welcoming to travellers and strangers; somewhere to connect to plants and the medicine of plants; a space in which to seek peace , comfort, clarity and healing.

Melissa Ronaldson

The Herbal Barge Co. is owned and run by experienced herbalist Melissa Ronaldson

Phone: 0776 541 787   Email:melissa@herbalbarge.co.uk