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Immune system passive immunity, ecologies.

Active immunity, how it can go wrong, atopic and autoimmune responses.

Dealing with acute infections.

Changing paradigms of understanding germ theory to ecological perspectives.

Antibiotic resistance and the contribution to the crisis from home remedies and herbal medicines.

Learning to be bi-lingual.

Herbs for anti-microbial outcome.

  1. Distinguish between an autoimmune response and a hypersensitivity response.
  2. List four factors contributing to the current crisis of anti-biotic resistance.
  3. Name three herbs that have a prophylactic terrain supporting activity and describe their mechanism.
  4. Name two herbal/home remedy strategies for dealing with acute infection.
  • Video Malaria lecture
  • Video Abs resistance lecture
  • Video Immune lecture
  • Antibiotics article
  • Making herbal remedies at home doc
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