Underlined herbs refer to herbs to be specially featured in that block.

Learning outcomes in green have a practical emphasis.

Learning outcomes in blue are optional and may be more specialised.

Resources and materials listed are those that will be available at the beginning of the block. More may be added in response to conversations that take place on the forumn.

Respiring, skin and lungsRespiring, skin and lungs
21 Sep - 31 Oct 2014Immune system
Botany, sex and fertilityBotany, sex and fertility
31 Oct - 21 Dec 2014Muscular skeletal system
21 Dec - 2 Feb 2015Stress, fight and flight
Food and DigestionFood and Digestion
21 Mar - 1 May 2015Respiring, skin and lungs
1 May - 21 Jun 2015Vaginal ecologies
21 Jun - 30 Aug 2015Childbirth
30 Aug - 30 Sep 2015Hearts and circulation
Immune systemImmune system
Muscular skeletal systemMuscular skeletal system
Stress, fight and flightStress, fight and flight
2 Feb - 21 Mar 2015Digestion, absorption, elimination
Vaginal ecologiesVaginal ecologies
21 Jun - 30 Aug 2016Childbirth
30 Aug - 30 Sep 2016Hearts and circulation