The Herbal Barge Apothecary is there for  people can drop in,  access herbal medicines without needing to book a one to one consultation. It is a retail outlet of various over the counter-herbal preparations, and raw ingredients; somewhere to pick up repeat prescriptions, to chat and seek advice. Free 15 minute consultations are often available and the drop in apothecary may be your first port of call if you are wondering if herbal medicine has something to offer you.

Occasionally the Herbal Barge Apothecary transforms a little to host our famous pop up Botanical Cocktail and Herbal Snuff Bar.

Please note the Herbal Barge Apothecary is currently only doing occasional tow path pop ups. Please look to the calendar for details.


The Herbal Barge Apothecary sell a range of over the counter products for self care and well being. Many of these products are made directly by and for the Herbal Barge Co, and others are bought in from trusted suppliers.

 We also stock raw ingredients to support you in making your own medicines. Please ask if there is something you would like us to stock. 

Opening times

Please note, the Herbal Barge tow path drop-in Apothecary days are currently only happening on an occasional basis.

Please look to the calendar for dates and events.

If you wish to access herbal medicines, do consider attending an online student clinic, this may cost less than you think


Herbal remedies may be given in the form of tinctures (plant preparations in alcohol), herbal teas, powders, capsules, pills, syrups, ointments or creams.

Some medicines are sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers; others are hand made from plants harvested by the practitioner and helpers.

Remedies are usually personal - tailor made to suit each individual's unique circumstances. Thi...