What to expect from a consultation.

The first consultation may last up to two hours, so that a full case history can be elicited. You will be asked about your current symptoms, but also your previous medical history, previous and current medication, your general health, diet, and lifestyle. It is likely it will include a physical examination.

Usually you will be advised to have a follow -up appointment two weeks later, and depending on the health problem, you may continue to have consultations every two to eight weeks. Follow-up consultations may take between 30 minutes and an hour and a half.

You will always be given time to work through the best healthcare strategies for you. Sometimes people use the space to set themselves targets and work out how to put the structures in place that can best facilitate their own individual well-being.

The herbalist will advise when it is necessary to seek further tests or help from other agencies or practitioners. She will usually be able to direct and support you in doing this and also help to interpret diagnostic test results.

Consultations are confidential, but liaison with your GP, psychiatrist or other health practitioner can occur if you wish it to.